Sample of Prime Providers 

Prime designates firms who have an extended sales, marketing or technology arrangement with AltHub.


China’s first open and big data information platform, curating both structured and unstructured data from across the globe covering key economic metrics as well as industry, company, e-commerce, search and social media data.


Offers the industry’s most comprehensive database of water based cargo information, not just the ship data. Includes oceangoing, unique inland barge, ship-to-ship and floating storage. 


NewsFul uses millions of news and other company announced sources. Unique new business events categories like brand impact that can influence stock prices, web interface and API.


Provides luxury brand data including discounting and other metrics on the success or not of those brands in selling product.


Spire uses satellite imagery to provide maritime, weather and aviation data that covers 90% of global trade. By utilizing a network 59 sattelite going to 100+ and the larget station of data collectors. They build the units and provide raw data to partners and direct clients.

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Unmetric harvests social brand signals to analyze, discover and track branded content and trends. Hundreds of the world’s largest and respected brands and digital agencies use Unmetric to access AI-powered insights for over 100,000 qualified brands across more than 30 sectors.

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Shore Group offers a variety of services which include proprietary data sets, page monitoring, search engine scraping, PDF extraction, data management and entity matching as well as medical personnel data including KOL ranking.

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AggData provides accurate, up-to-date, and actionable geo-location data. With over 5,500 global datasets featuring future store closings, historical store activity data, and a real time API data feed. 


Wealth-X is the leading wealth information and insight business with the deepest global database. The precise hand-curated dossiers on ultra high net worth individuals are available across the world and presented in 35 different languages. With a team of 130 research staff members and growing, Wealth-X has been able to partner with prestigious brands across the financial services, luxury, not-for-profit, and higher educations industries.


AlphaHat's visualization platform enables fundamental investors to generate insights out of multiple alternative datasets. Initially focused on geolocation data.


Global financial data management consultancy specializing in helping banks, brokerages, fund managers and other companies to gain control over their market, reference and derived data, and optimize processes to unleash data innovation across the enterprise.


Short Trends aims to provide short selling data and analytics to institutional investors and public corporations. Contains 8,400 – 8,600 US exchange listed equities, ADRs, ETFs and other publicly traded instruments.


Technomic has over 40 years of data in the resturant service industry. They are a major player in this space with a wide range of restaurants and other related firms using the data. 


Firm coined the term Alternative Data and is a leading quantitative consulting firm that can help an investment firm in testing data all the way to hunting for new alpha signals.

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Seer Aerospace provides comprehensive data products to give visibility into aircraft utilization around the globe. Designed for marketing, sales, and supply chain teams.

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BraveNewCoin is a Data and Research company focused on the Blockchain and Digital Assets (Crypto) industry. Offers Reference rates (aggregated pricing) on over 400 alt coins, across 1300 market pairs and 160 exchanges (intraday and EOD).

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First quantitative platform for large scale Macro data analysis. Discover the macro drivers most important to your portfolio and investment ideas. Understand these factors that impact price action. 


Mercaris was formed to address this gap through two types of services. First, we provide up-to-date, accurate information on market conditions for organic and non-GMO commodities. Second, our trading platform allows buyers and sellers to meet on-line and trade physical commodities.


Quantxt is a software platform for processing, search and discovery in unstructured content using Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques. By solving real-world problems for businesses, Quantxt has made thousands of dollars for a number of clients by providing solutions that can analyze and process free format content including digital records, web pages, text documents and private data stores. Quantxt advanced technology is built using machine learning techniques and made accessible for both business analysts through reporting tools and user interfaces or through APIs empowering developers all over the world to build a new generation of intelligent applications.